Kate Shapiro

I am a writer and editor with over 6 years of experience in digital media, journalism, and marketing. I have cultivated relationships with brands like Apple, Google, CNN, Good Morning America, and AOL. My work has been published in Deadspin, Business Insider, Thought Catalog, Esquire, and many more. I have worked with luxury brands and IT companies as a freelance copywriter. I also have over 5 years of experience in online video strategy, helping companies monetize on YouTube and other emerging platforms while building a valuable online brand.

Digging Out from Under the Stacks

Face it. Twenty million pieces of paper is a lot of paper. That’s the estimated amount of paper currently being stored at UNLV, according to electronic document management specialist Craig Topple. Topple, whose new unit is document imaging and storage services (DISS), says Business Affairs alone is storing around 7 million pieces. He and his new office are out to change that by providing cost-effective, high-quality document scanning and storage to units across campus. RebelDocs, which opera

UNLV's Working Parents Juggle Demands of Jobs and Schooling

Teaching kindergarten out of her home was not the way Sarath Kraus imagined her son, Roman, reaching that big milestone. She was excited for her 5-year-old's first day of elementary school when Clark County School District announced that instruction for the 2020-21 school year initially will be conducted online. Kraus, director of systems change management, and husband Shane Kraus, an assistant professor in psychology, both work full time at UNLV. “Trying to balance the expectations of work w

An Interview with English Department Alumnus Juan Martinez | Department of English | University of Nevada, Las Vegas

Alumnus Juan Martinez's short story collection ($16, Small Beer Press) was published last year to wide acclaim. The collection was shortlisted for the Neukom Institute Literary Arts Awards at Dartmouth University, and was included in the Chicago Review of Books Best Fiction of 2017. Martinez has an incredible, artful talent for pointing out the absurdity in everyday life. His ability to inject the literary into the fantastic, and vice versa, makes for a thoughtful, beautiful, and sometimes hilar

A 25 Year-Old’s One Direction Story

Zayn Malik left One Direction this week, which means that One Direction as we know it is pretty much over. I don’t remember why this was so important to me, but one day a few years ago I just decided “I need to get really into One Direction and I’m doing it today.” I like being obsessed with bands. I love fandoms. I love the sense of community behind fandoms. You can connect with people no matter who you are, no matter who they are. Plus— life is easier when you have a fandom rock to cling to.

All The Music That Got Me Over You

A few years ago I had just graduated college and I was unemployed living off my parents in New York City. I developed a crush on someone, Bill, from my hometown in Texas. I met him on a vacation and he was incredibly sweet. He was sensitive and liked me. In the Age Of Fuckboys, it’s hard to find someone who actually says they like you. I fell for him and my infatuation with him continued after the vacation. His did not. The last time I saw him I was drunk and tried to kiss him. He pushed me aw